Charles Jr. and Thomas assume responsibilities

Due to the ill health of their father, “The Professor”, Charles Jr., and Thomas take over the administration of the school.

Thomas Roller was a classical scholar who had graduated from the University of Virginia, had taught classical language at the University of Memphis, and was considering a career as a lawyer. Charles S. Roller, Jr. had graduated from VMI in 1901, where he roomed with the late General George Marshall and where he still is remembered for his football prowess. Charles was teaching and coaching football at Furman.

The 1905-06 AMA catalog welcomed Tom and Charles Roller to Augusta, Professor Roller writing that his two sons “have in measure assumed the responsibilities and management of the Augusta Military Academy… I am confident that the addition of these two young gentlemen, both of whom have had ample experience in schoolwork, will see the Academy continue to increase in the fair name and reputation it has enjoyed for the past 31 years.”

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