Charles Nield Bayless

Simpsonville, Kentucky

“Cat Face”

First Year—Private Co. “B”; Y. M. C. A.; Baseball Squad; Art Editor Recall.

Second Year—Corporal Co. “A”; Art Editor Recall; Company Basketball.

Two years ago a pleasant fellow joined our ranks as a very efficient and studious rat. A man from Kentucky, he soon made his way into our hearts because of his quiet, yet jovial nature. His military ability was so pronounced that he was one of the few men of his class to win his chevrons this year. However, putting aside his pronounced academic ability, he will always be remembered by us in the years to come, as the artist who for two years labored and very cleverly created all the art work of our Recall. This has always been entrusted to his care, and that he has been gracious is shown by this fine book. His aim is the Navy, and we all know that some day in the future, the service will gain an efficient Kentuckian. A pleasant fellow to know, having those fine qualities that denote a real man.

Favorite Expression—“Heavens! No!”

Charles was an architect, an architectural photographer, and a member of The American Institute of Architects. He was a member of St. Phillips Episcopal Church in Charleston, the South Carolina Historical Society, and the Historical Society of St. Philip’s Church.

He studied architecture at University of Virginia, graduating in 1937 with a B.S. in Architecture.

He contributed to several books about lost historic photographs of historic buildings of the Carolinas.

The Charleston Museum has a collection of hundreds of Charles’ architectural photographs of Charleston, SC.

A Midcentury Modern Building, the People’s Federal Savings and Loan Association building,  in Lexington Kentucky, designed by Charles was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2016.

8/23/1914 Louiville, Kentucky
5/22/1991 Charleston, South Carolina

Drawings from 1931 Recall

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Drawings from 1932 Recall

Dedication … Heroes receive their worship, inventors their praise, but good men only a reward in heaven. Flowers bloom and wither, and the fragrance of the old is often forgotten in the splendor of the new. “Lest we forget,’’ The Recall of 1932 lifts aloft for emulation the life of Captain Nathan Parkins. His soul, warmed by the sunshine of nature’s smile, radiates love and good will to all mankind- He mingles with the world, and remains unspoiled; the world receives his friendship, and is better for the association.

To anyone ever associated with A. M. A., Major Charles S. Roller, Jr., needs no introduction. To you who do not know this man, we desire to present the facts.
’Way back there,” in the days when football was a sport for iron men, Major participated as a backfield man, long before the present-day methods of strategy came into use. Upon graduating from V. M. I., Major began a period of years of coaching football. His chief positions were at Furman and V. M. I. The fame of his teams vouch for his abilities as coach.
On being called back to Augusta to assist in the running of the school, Major took over the coaching of all athletic teams. His marked success has continued on through the years. Today, Major Roller is Co-Principal, Commandant, and Athletic Director of the School; and none can doubt the value of his guiding hand.

Colonel T. J. Roller
In the course of time, along the many and diversified paths of life, one is sure to meet some character of outstanding ability, a contributor to the progress of civilization. Such a man is Colonel Thomas J. Roller, Co-Principal and Academic Head of Augusta.
Colonel is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and holder of numerous academic awards. He began his career as an instructor at the Memphis University School, Memphis, Tenn., where he remained until called home to take the reins from the retiring head of the school, Charles S. Roller, Sr. Colonel Roller has remained the nominal head of the Academy since that time.
As an educator, Colonel Roller is one of the nation’s outstanding men, and his name is known from coast to coast. Few, if any, are as engrossed and earnest in their work; surely fewer have such an enviable record.

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