The AMA Alumni Foundation’s day-to-day operations are funded entirely by generous contributions from our alumni and friends.  We cannot survive without them.

We need you

Our annual budget to accomplish all of this is a meager $120,000.  We squeeze every penny we get to maximize our effectiveness with as few funds as possible. Our Museum Director is expert in the art of penny pinching.  Everything we do is funded by your generous and consistent contributions.  We simply would not exist without your support.

If you use PayPal, click the button below. OR you can send in a check or call the museum with your credit card.

What we do with our funds


Every year during our reunion, our Foundation awards one or two scholarships totaling between $1,000 and $2,000 to direct descendants of an AMA alumnus.  These are competitive in nature, and judging is conducted by several Foundation Board directors and a history faculty member of the U.S. Naval Academy.  To promote the importance of current military school secondary education, two $500 scholarships are also awarded to currently enrolled cadets of Fishburne Military School.


Our museum, now twenty years in operation, is housed in the Roller house, the first building erected on the school property in the 1870’s.  It was the residence of our founder, Charles Summerville Roller, “The Professor,” and later the residence of various members of the Roller family.  The building was completely, and professionally renovated in 1998-1999 at a cost of over $300,000, funded through alumni donations.

We have four exhibit rooms plus PX of over 2,500 square feet.  It is completely ADA compliant, and fully staffed for guided tours six days a week.  We are the only known closed military academy with a museum with a full-time paid staff.  

We have over 6,000 cataloged artifacts directly related to our cadets, instructors, and staff.  

The second story of the museum houses our administrative offices, work areas and environmentally controlled artifact storage areas.

The Bayonet

Four editions of our alumni magazine, named appropriately enough after the school’s student newspaper, The Bayonet, are published and shared digitally with our active alumni base.  They are professionally designed and prepared, and usually consist of between 24 and 42 pages. Printed copies are available on a subscription basis. Past editions, going back over 100 years are available on our website.

AMA Newsletter

We distribute an email newsletter to over 900 monthly, keeping our constituency up-to-date on what’s happening with the Foundation.  We hear monthly from our Foundation Chairman, our museum director and staff, and get information on current events.

Our website has been in operation with the same name for over 25 years.  It presents our history, digitized historic documents such as our yearbook, The RECALL, over 100 years of The Bayonet, school catalogs going back to the 19th century. It also has a collection of every known video of cadet activities going back to the 1960’s, as well as announcements of current events, like our annual reunions, along with online registration for these events.  We maintain a calendar of events and schedules of our volunteer museum docents.