Charles S. Roller, III Born

Charles (The Big Boy) and Janet had two children – Lewis Stephenson Roller, who died at birth, and Charles (Charley) S. Roller, III (August 10, 1910). Charley graduated from AMA, attended VMI, and taught and coached at Augusta until his death. Charley married Linda Todd and they had two children; Charles IV died in 1935 […]

Roller Joins Confederate Army

On 24 July 1861, 3 days following the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas), Roller enlisted as a private in the Confederate States military forces at Fairfax Court House. He joined General J. E. B. Stuart’s 1st Virginia Calvary Regiment which fought in that first major conflict of the war. For 4 years he served […]

AMA Alumni House / Museum Dedicated

After obtaining a long term lease from the Pentecostal Church and renovating the Roller-Robinson House, a dedication ceremony is held during the 1999 Reunion.

Pentacostal Church Buys Campus

The United Pentecostal Church purchases the AMA campus and begins renovations to much of the campus for use as a church campground.

Moore Family Scam to Re-open AMA

The Moore Family raises funds from AMA Alumni with the promise of re-opening the school.  They abscond with the money, and the school remains closed.

AMA Closes

AMA closed its doors over Christmas Break, 1983.

Col. Livick Resigns

Col. Malcolm Livick resigns as Superintendent, citing his failure to revive the school.