Barracks Courtyard Photos

As you may well know or can imagine, access to the courtyard of the barracks is restricted by the church due to liability concerns. Even on the very rare occasions when someone from the Foundation is allowed in, they are restricted to ground floor and are usually accompanied by a representative from the Church.

Several of these photos were taken in 1999 but most are from 2017. You can see the amount of deterioration that has taken place in those 18 years.

Many cadets have bemoaned the barracks’ condition on social media with a plea that the property be purchased and restored. But when it comes to money for such a project, everyone goes quiet. It has been estimated that a minimum of 10 million dollars would be required to purchase the barracks and simply stabilize the structure. So that’s not going to happen.

Just sit back, enjoy these photos, and remember the times you were a cadet.

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View this 60 second rotating view from the center of the courtyard.