Timeline History of AMA

First Commencement of Augusta Male Academy

The first commencement ceremony of Augusta Male Academy is held in 1878.

Roller Purchases Land South of the Church.

On 1 December, 1879, Roller purchased the land south of the Augusta Church which was the eventual site of all of the buildings of the academy as well as the Roller Home. By the school session of 1879-80 half of the 30 students were from outside the local community. Their…
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Charles Summerville Roller, Jr. Born

The fourth and last child of Charles and Rosabelle, Charles Summerville Roller, Jr., born 1879.  Known during his later years as "Big Boy", Charles Jr. led the school until his death in 1963.

Military Format Begun

A program of military instruction including uniforms and use of Civil War style muskets during military drill was adopted by the academy by 1880. The only precedent for such an idea in Virginia was the operation of Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, thus, Roller’s school became the first of several…
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Charles Roller becomes Principal of the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind

Roller suspended operations at the academy for the academic year of 1883-1884 after his appointment as Principal of the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind in Staunton on 10 January 1883. He had served on the Board of Visitors of VSDB during the same time as his service in…
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Nathan Parkins Graduates from AMA

Nathen Parkins graduates from AMA.  He later joined the faculty of AMA.  Many of his family later attend and teach at AMA.

First Baseball Game

The first baseball game played at AMA.

Name Changed to Augusta Classical and Military Academy

The name of the school was changed to Augusta Classical and Military Academy.

Name changed to Augusta Military Academy

The name of the school was changed once again, this time to Augusta Military Academy, kept until the school closed.

Wood Frame Gymnasium Built

A wood framed gymnasium is built for indoor sports and activities.