AMA Alumni Award

These medals are given annually to those who have performed special services for the AMA Alumni Association or for the AMA Alumni Foundation. Nominations are received from alumni and former faculty members, and a committee of alumni selects the recipients from those nominated.

The medal can be awarded to any person who has made a significant contribution in time and effort to support the AMA Alumni Association and its goals. Former students, faculty, administrators, and friends of AMA are eligible.

These award recipients have set the highest standards for the rest of us. They have been there consistently when they were needed. Each AMA man owes these wonderful awardees his profound thanks for taking us through some rough times to the bright future we now see for the AMA Alumni Association.

Thanks are due to Harry Campbell, ’70, for suggesting the creation of these medals in 1999.


Ed Click, 50, Ad Astra
William E. Gray, 37
V.P. Leavel, 39
Steve Pearson, 72
James Starnes, 50
Frank Williamson, 60


Bob Bradford, 50, Ad Astra
Mickey Gordon, 39, Ad Astra
Gary Nicholson, 70, Ad Astra
Tommy Simmons, 52, Ad Astra


Chief Chester Cole
B.J. d’Orsay, 70
Gordon Metz, 68, Ad Astra
Sergeant Don Studer
Ben Zinkhan, 60, Ad Astra


Dave Conrad, 59, Ad Astra
Duke Fancher, 58, Ad Astra
Bob Harris, 54
Joe Josephson
Goodloe Saunders, 57, Ad Astra
Steve Trent, 70, Ad Astra
Jerry Wildman, 57, Ad Astra
Rod Willey, 51


Paul Bratton, 48, Ad Astra
Ed Chauncey, 49
Hilton Roller Grasty
Bob Hume, 63, Ad Astra
Ron Mahanes, 53
Bobby Rhea, 47
Frank Spencer, 49, Ad Astra


Jim Councill, 49
George Holt, 60, Ad Astra
Julian Quarles, 35, Ad Astra


Rev. Greg Douglas
Joe Stalicrup, 31
Col. Will Parkins
Charles “Hap” Starr, 51
Norvell West, 83


Clyde Ramsey, 49


Bruce Nicholson, 62
Terry Snow, 58
Parker Ward, 54, Ad Astra


Chuck Foley
Victor Gomez, 69
Mac McInnis, 67
Greg Pierce, 65
Bill Ralph


Tom Del Valle, 72, Ad Astra
Garry Granger, 71
Doug Pennock, 72
Steve Traylor, 72


Ozzie Ferro, 53
Bruce Hemp
Bruce Strange, 72


Doug Carter, 72
John Maragon
Luke Snyder, 60
Joyce Zinkhan


Dr. Mary DeCredico
Sue Messerley
Rick Smail, 67


Jorge Rovirosa, 70, Ad Astra
Bill Mariner, 60
Nicky Syropoulos, 69, Ad Astra


Mrs. Helen Charleton
Charles Pascale, 69


Brett Thompson, 75, Ad Astra
Ruth Rosenthal


Phil Bentley, 83
Stride Coleman, 72, Ad Astra
Ed Rogerville, 76


Mal Livick, Ad Astra
Linda Livick, Ad Astra


Blaine Clarke, 72