On January 26, 1945, Lieutenant General George S. Patton, Jr. penned the famous phrase, “In my opinion, the M-1 Rifle is the greatest battle implement ever devised.”

Here is your chance to own a piece of this iconic American military history. The M1 Garand, was developed by John Garand and went into production for the US military in 1936. Designed to make use of existing ammunition stores and accessories, the M1 Garand was chambered for .30 caliber M2 Ball ammunition as was it’s predecessor, the M1903A3. The M1 Garand also made use of the same M1905 bayonet (and later M1 or M5 Bayonet). Its new “en bloc” ammunition clips could be carried in the existing web gear of the day. The M1 Garand saw US service in WW2, the Korean War and early Vietnam War. It continued to be used by the US Reserves into the 1970s. It has seen extensive use by foreign nations, even to this day.

The earliest photographic evidence we have of the M1 Garand being used at Augusta Military Academy is the 1953 RECALL (pg. 91). It appears that AMA returned the M1 Garands to the US Army in 1969 and reverted to the M1903A3 rifle.

M1 Garand
Made by H&R Arms Corp in 1953

The firearm is in good condition overall with some minor dings in the wood. Finish of metals parts is 80%+ and bore is in excellent condition. Rifle has Olive Drab canvas sling attached and cleaning kit in the buttstock.

Weapon has been test fired for function.


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