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Augusta Military Academy Alumni Foundation

Augusta Military Academy operated from 1874 to 1984, a total of 110 years.  In spite of being closed, the school has a very active and vibrant alumni community. This site keeps the legacy alive and provides alumni a community to interact with each other and keep the memories of AMA alive. The public is invited to peruse our site and learn more about the heritage of military academies in the U.S. through the memories and legacy of Augusta Military Academy.


β€œTo preserve the traditions of the Augusta Military Academy and to honor the memory of the life and times of its alumni, faculty, staff, and supporting families through the AMA Museum, the Legacy Scholarship and the publication of The Bayonet.”

The AMA MUSEUM is operated by the AMA Alumni Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The museum is manned by a paid staff. Former cadets volunteer their time and talent every month. Funding for the museum is totally dependent on tax-exempt financial gifts and donations made by the alumni, former faculty, and friends of Augusta Military Academy, as well as the community and visitors to the museum.

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