Member Only Discussion Forum is now available !

Members, when signed in, can now post to a Members Only discussion forum.

ALL registered members can discuss AMA related topics here.  The unregistered general public visitor cannot see this forum. Click on an existing topic to read comments and post your own thoughts. At the bottom you can create a new topic of your choice. Remember: these posts will be monitored. The rules are, all topics must relate directly to AMA, its alumni, its history or its future. Absolutely no vulgarity is allowed.  No personal attacks allowed.

From the menu, select “Forums” then select “Member Discussion Forum”.

You will see a list of topics open for discussion.  OR you can go to the bottom of the page and create a new topic.

Hope you enjoy and wisely use this private discussion area.

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  1. He’s been listed as whereabouts unknown since 2002. His last listing was a military address, so there is no telling. Maybe one of our other members knows something. IF you find out, please let us know, so I can update the records and get him reconnected.


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