B.J. d’Orsay, AMA Class of 1970, has come into possession of a large number of AMA Recalls. He is willing to personally send a Recall, free of charge, for each $100 you donate to the AMA Alumni Foundation. The supply of Recalls is limited and subject to prior give-away. This offer is strictly first-come first serve, and is intended to financially support the AMA Museum.

The museum has plenty of Recalls, so do not claim a Recall with the intention of donating it to the museum. They do not need any more.

Use the form below to claim a Recall of your choosing from the list below. When you submit the form you will be sent to PayPal to make the contribution and complete the transaction.

On behalf of B.J., thank you for your support of the AMA Museum.

For your contribution of $100 to the AMA Alumni Foundation, select your free gift from B.J. d'Orsay of a Recall from this limited supply:
Select the Recall you wish to receive as your free gift:*
Your Recall will be shipped to you via USPS.