Board Meetings

The next meeting of both the Foundation Board of Trustees and the Association Board of Directors will be at the AMA Museum on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Guests are welcome. Come and become involved. We need your voice and opinion as important decisions will be made regarding the future of our organizations […]

Letterhead Exhibit

In our effort to review the many, many, MANY cadet files saved from the final auction of the academy’s belongings, we have come across a treasure trove of graphic art and design history in the abundance of business letterheads that parents used to effectively communicate with their son’s school administration. Of course, not only do […]

AMA email newsletter

Each month the Augusta Military Academy Museum Newsletter endeavors to shine a spotlight on some aspect of The AMA Museum and its management. Features may include facts and stories about notable alumni or a narrative about a particular item in the museum collection. For a small museum, the AMA collection is vast and filled with […]

Reunion 2018 is just around the corner

A tentative date for Reunion 2018 has been set for the weekend of April 19 – 22. That’s all the information available at this time.  The Boards will meet on September 23 and more definitive reunion information will be available after that.

Update your profile

Need to update information on your profile? Here’s how: Click on “Your Profile” in the menu bar. Click on the setting wheel just to the bottom right of your cover photo. Select “Edit Profile” from the menu that drops down. Update your photos or information. Click on “Update Profile” at the bottom when finished. Easy […]

New Email Address for the Museum

* * * * ATTENTION IN THE BARRACKS * * * * The AMA Museum has a NEW email address: Please change your address books. The OLD address of will cease receiving mail on May 12. And it will no longer forward to our new address after that date. Update your contacts list […]

AMA Reunion 2017 Weapons Raffle

This year’s AMA Reunion features two weapons raffles:  First is an antique Springfield Armory 03, Serial # 838736, manufacture date 1918 which was once actually carried by an AMA Cadet.  This is an antique rifle.  Do not fire this rifle until it is checked for safety by a competent gunsmith that has knowledge of vintage […]

History Under Construction Campaign

  “History Under Construction” campaign. $28,510 raised as of February 17. The goal, $75,000. Our campaign to fund The AMA Alumni Foundation for 2017 has officially launched. The appeal letters have been delivered. Beginning last week, donations are arriving daily at the Fort Defiance post office. Construction is underway. Our goal is $100,000 to help fund the […]