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Fall 2014 Bayonet Now Available

The Fall 2014 Bayonet is here!

There are lots of exciting articles in the 52 pages of this edition.

  • A report on the meetings of Oct 31 and Nov 1
  • A first look at the tentative 2015 Reunion schedule
  • Reuinion bus trip to Appomattox Court House
  • Labor Day bike ride
  • Another book by Jerry Izenberg
  • Joe Josephson's story
  • More model trains
  • Spotlight on Jack White
  • And much, much more here

Videos Now Available

Historical and current videos from AMA are now available here, thanks to Victor Gomez, '69. These are the videos Victor has been uploading to YouTube and presenting on Facebook

Start here: AMA Videos Photos

Reunion Photos are now available

Photo coverage of the 2014 reunion is now available, thanks to Victor Gomez, '69.

Start here: Reunion 2014 Photos

Summer 2014 Bayonet News

The 64-page Summer 2014 Bayonet is here, and some of the highlights include:

  • Business meeting discussed the future of the AMA Legacy
  • The museum marks its 15th Anniversary
  • Finance report, open and honest.
  • We REALLY need volunteers at the museum to give tours to visitors
  • Three AMA Legacy Scholarships were awarded.
  • Three new inductees to the AMA Sports Hall of Fame
  • Two earn AMA Alumni Medals
  • Four receive the new "Above and Beyond" award
  • Spotlight on Jim Mitchell, '76
  • These are just some of the highlights, but there is a lot more ... read more

View these and more in the Summer 2014 Bayonet

The older Bayonets are also online here.


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"We have not and we will not allow the present economic conditions to slow us down in our efforts to continue the progress and build upon the foundation of our Alumni Association which was founded 40 years ago this coming spring."  -- Jorge Rovirosa, October 2009

Make a Donation

Get inspired to tell your AMA story by purchasing a brick paver.  Not sure what you'd say?  Browse or search the over 700 bricks already in front of the AMA Alumni House/Museum. (Make sure you search for Hoover and PVH.)  Click Here. And while you're there, print out an order form and order your paver.  Support your Alma Mater and tell your story!

Three years in the making, the all AMA DVD premiered at Reunion 2008 featuring AMA, alumni and faculty experiences, memorable characters at AMA, and the service of Augusta men in five 20th and 21st century wars. Produced by the Winward Corporation and directed by Tom Kennedy and Hal McArthur, The AMA Way is very much a tribute to Mac McInnis, '67, whose dedication took it from concept to reality.

Click here to view a video trailer.

Visit these web sites to see how you can support our soldiers this holiday season:

America Supports You
To Our Soldiers

A current email asking for cards to be sent to "A Recovering American Soldier" will not be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.  More information can be found at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center web site.